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The All-Terrain Crane

Absolutely necessary to lift and move heavy weight loads, cranes are the most important heavy-duty machine in the construction industry. There are a variety of styles of cranes, each designed for a specific purpose.

Most recently, mobile cranes have gained incredible popularity and are being used in almost every major project as their increased mobility provides a lot of advantages on job sites. Of all the mobile cranes, the all-terrain crane is the most frequently used.

As their name suggests, all-terrain cranes can be used on any surface type as well as through any weather conditions. Thanks to their all-wheel drive steering suspension system, not only can they travel on all kinds of off-road terrain, but they have the rare feature that they can go on asphalt roads and highways as well. This makes them a highly valued asset in the construction industry, as most job sites are in remote locations with no adequate roads nearby.

Some of their other unique advantages include:

  • Speed - all-terrain cranes can reach highway speeds up to 55 miles per hour, ensuring reduced travel time between job sites

  • Compact design - these cranes are a hybrid between a truck-mounted crane and a rough-terrain crane

  • Efficient - integrated, attached booms are included with the crane and travel with them, making setup convenient as well as efficient

  • Adjustable - with a mobile carriage and telescopic boom that can be hydraulically extended to reach 50-100 meters and lift 100-1000 tons, all-terrain cranes can be easily adjusted to meet any job site’s requirements

  • Safety - while these machines are compact, they offer remarkable visibility from the cab in order to guarantee the operators have a full view of the work area

In terms of applications, all-terrain cranes are ideal for remote construction sites with no road access. They’re most commonly used for the installation of oil and gas pipelines, as well as the erection of wind turbines. Their adjustability and flexible nature also make them well-suited for multi-use job sites.

Here at 24/7 Lifting, Inc., we have a collection of all-terrain cranes available for rent. We carry all the leading manufacturers, including Terex, Grove and Liebherr. With all-terrain cranes ranging from 110 to 550 tons, you’ll be sure to find a machine that suits your exact needs. Click here to browse our stock and request a quote today!

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